BitsGap Crypto Trading Bot

Bitsgap is a website and currently do not operate from an app. You visit the site, register with a username and password and then you follow simple steps to connect your crypto exchange with Bitsgap.

Bitsgap has a demo option where you can set up a bot with “play money” to get a feel of how it works before you use real money. Have a look at the strategies they supply based on historical data for the most profitable coins based on profits reported by the bots for the last 3 days, week or month. The historical performance is no guarantee but the top performers data might hint to possible profitable pairs you would might want to consider.

Choosing a coin pair which you have studied and wouldn’t mind holding for the long run, is the best type of insurance against the risk of owning a coin that might become worthless in the future. Pick coins you think will have a decent chance to make it – even if you have to wait for it.

Connecting Multiple Exchanges – Why:

Through time coins are being developed closer towards their goals of reaching a status where the coin is used for what it has been designed to do. Other than the main or initial development goal, there are also improvement and interoperability developments increasing the way the token can be used – thus leading to a possible increase in the token value. One of the most common token developments down the line, is the process of getting listed at various exchanges. Every exchange has a bunch of investors and traders ready to buy, trade or stake the coins which in turn drives up the price.

The strategy of setting up a bitsgap bot on a coin that has not been listed on all the major exchanges yet, might suggest a slight advantage to realise future price increases into bigger bot profits. Especially if that coin has only been listed on one or two of the exchanges. When a coin gets listed at the bigger exchanges they normally get a huge price boost. Just an idea to think about.

A bonus of having set up bots at different exchanges – profits from the bots are available for future coin purchases. You might probably follow Crypto Banter already – if you don’t, go do it now 🙂 They are so much more involved in what is happening in the crypto world and they might suggest a coin which is most probably new to a lot of people. If you have already registered with that exchange and already have funds you can much faster buy the coin or even set up another bot to start trading on that coin.

Here is a list of exchanges that works with Bitsgap:

The above links might be affiliate links which could in some instances give us both rewards – mostly in the form of a discount in trading fees.

If an above link points to a local page, you will find the link to register on that page, together with more information about the exchange. You might find detailed instructions on how to set up that exchange to work with your Bitsgap account, what their own token is, price predictions and which tokens are currently only listed at that exchange.

If you invest in a coin, you might want to understand and limit the risk of your investment. Risking or investing some money into a coin that represents an exchange, could prove a lucrative investment. Have a look at the growth of the BNB token as an example. Remember to invest smart – only invest money you can afford to lose and diversify your investment.



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